Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day at Altair

kickstarted 8th september 2009 with my aunts(suj) cal not very unusual though shouting her lungs out to wake me from ma cosy bed:(.....I woke up with full Enthusiasm and was all set to take up any kind of job. I was fed with some nutritious yet yummy breakfast,gulped some blue berries to get some extra energy as i was fixed on doin loads of work.now comes the travelling part which was so long had to spend ages to reach my destination,but thoroughly enjoyed only cos of my MUZIK all way long.I entered with some full on Enthu as i was a known face back then, met few colleague's as i was making an entry thier eyebrows went up with eyes wide open looked like they were more than happy to see me back again. Gradually went inside and met my boss none other than my workoholic aunt,she was all set and totally prepared to extract all the work from me, she gave me the list and hurried me through and nevertheless reminded me of my time constraint too. Anyways i started off like a hungry Eagle as my aim was to complete the given work on time and make my aunt proud cos only then will i get to go to dinner,shopping etc etc . We had to head for lunch to the cafeteria, wer i got to meet all her mates, i was all tired smiling at every other face i knew and by the time i reached her boss i totally lost it well that pretty much pissed my aunt off. "Back to work" ah who else can say that very expected line from an expected perosn. Well we wer all back to seats and i almost finished the assigned work post lunch. I went upto to her with that innocent smile of mine and said m done before she could give me any more work. She was all glad that i completed my work in an unimaginable time span and let me free to take a stroll around the office as i had no other choice but to wait for her to get home together.My day almost came to end as we came down to board the cab back home, it was a lovely experience and an unforgettable day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dark love

One sunday mornin when she went for a walk it was a frosty day she wore her black leather jacket n got out, she found this handsome guy who gave her an innocent look with a cute smile. That's when the cupid struck her she so fell in love with that guy that she just could not get her mind away from him,she sank in love indeed.Everday morning she left for a walk to get a glimpse of him, she would get so satisfied after the sight which made her day lovely n delightfull.She always waited for him to approach her but alas he never made an attempt which made her feel very depressed deep inside but the love she had for him kept increasin like a ramp day by day.On friday evenin when she was returning from office she realised that her love towards him has reached the peak finally she decided to propose the next mornin,she was al excited n assumed he will surely accept her she prepared herself well to present before him and she woke up next morning with all the excitment n left for a walk she finds group of people surrounding somethin, out of curiosity she goes to see whats happening and finds the guy whom she loved run over by a car and dead on the spot. This what is exactly called the unexpected.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


It was a beautiful sight on a wednesday mornin. My eyes were wide open to capture that Marvellous Moment.The irony is that most of them missed the view because of the superstitions involved behind the eclipse.It was said that this eclipse occured about six decades back and caused world wars such is the effect of this eclipse. But all i have to say is the ones who are supersticious missed the awesome sight.